Meet the staff of Holy Family - as seen through the eyes of our children!

Mr Ahmed
by Zidaan

Miss Akhtar
by Anna

Mrs Anderson
by Amina

Mrs Burgundy
by Zain

Mrs Corcoran
by Renay

Mr Craggs
by Kelisha

Mrs Flynn
by Angelica

Mr Foley
by Zahra

Miss Ford

Mrs Gibbons
by Brian

Mrs Guest
by Yasoon

Mrs Hollywood
by Jannah

Miss Hussain
by Humayra

Miss Keating
by Savez

Mrs King
by Samir

Miss Landucci
by Amina

Mrs A Lloyd
by Afeefah

Mrs J Lloyd
by Zayna

Miss McDonagh
by Fizah

Miss O'Connor
by Jasleen

Mrs O'Driscoll
by Asif

Mrs Siddique
by Zobia

Miss Walker
by Renay

Miss Weston
by Ahmad

Mrs Wright
by Jasleen
Miss Wroblewska
by Aryan

Mrs Young
by Christina

Mrs Zunaib
by Amina

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mr P Foley Headteacher, DSP*
Mrs P King Deputy Headteacher, Deputy DSP, EYFS Lead, KS1 Literacy *
Miss R Walker Year 6 Teacher, KS2 Literacy, Humanities
Mr J McDonald Year 6 Teacher
Miss S Ford Year 5 Teacher, PSHE, Maths
Mrs F Zunaib Year 4 Teacher, Computing
Mr B Craggs Year 3 Teacher, PE
Mrs J Young Year 2 Teacher, RE
Miss J Weston Year 2 Teacher, Art
Miss L McDonagh Year 1 Teacher, Science
Miss Z Flynn Reception Teacher, Drama
Miss A Landucci Nursery Teacher
Mrs B O'Driscoll Teacher Senco, Deputy DSP
Mrs J Lloyd Year 5/6 Support Staff, Mentor
Mrs A Lloyd Year 3/4 Support Staff, HLTA
Mrs W Hollywood Year 2/3 Support Staff, School Nurse Liaison *
Mrs M Anderson Year 2 Support Staff, RE Support
Mrs K Guest Year 1 Support Staff, Librarian
Mrs P Wright Reception Support Staff *
Miss M Hussain Reception Support Staff
Miss S O’Connor Nursery Support Staff
Miss S Akhtar Nursery Support Staff
Miss K Wroblewska Year 6/Special Needs Support Staff
Mrs B Siddique Year 4 Support Accelerated Reading *
Mrs V Gibbons School Business Manager
Mrs E Lunham Senior Office Manager
Miss C Keating Admin Assistant, Attendance *
Mrs M Burgundy Cook
Mrs J Flynn Assistant Cook
Mrs P Corcoran Senior Supervisor
Mr N Ahmed BSS
Mrs K Cutler Family Support

* First Aiders