Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5.

In Year 5, the children are taught by Mr Osbourne and we are fortunate to also have the support of Mrs Lloyd.

This year, we embrace the guidance of our class saint, St John Henry Newman, who serves as an exceptional role model for us, inspiring us to live in the likeness of Christ. We hold dear his profound message that reminds us of our divine purpose: “God has created us to do him some definite service; He has committed some work to us which he has not committed to another. We have a mission.” Saint John Henry Newman’s belief in God’s unique mission for each of us resonates deeply with us; we understand that we are destined for service.

Throughout this year, we will contemplate our individual missions and how we can make a positive impact by serving others. Our focus will align with Pope Francis’ call in Laudato Si’ to “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us.” The children in year 5 will exemplify generosity and inspiration, fostering a climate of respect among their peers. We function as a family unit, taking immense pride in our endeavours, always extending compassion and love, and persistently persevering in our pursuits.

We all take immense pride in being members of Holy Family Catholic Primary School, and with the unwavering support of our dedicated teachers, we are determined to encourage the children to reach their full potential. In the words of our saintly guide, “Good calls me by my name, He knows what I can do, what I can be best, what is my greatest happiness, and he means to give it to me.”

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