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Hi. I’m the little guy on the extreme left middle row with the dickie bow and triangle in the first photo. My teacher was the lovely Miss Prince wo I’ve never forgotten. Lad over on the right with the triangle was my pal and neighbour Gerard. We were both Irish and we lived on Oldknow Rd.

Rating: Excellent

Frank Hopkins

05 Jun 2022

My wife who I met at Reading University in 1974 is playing the symbol 5th from left on top row [ed. History page, photo top left]. Her name was June Hamilton and her best friend is the 7th from left in the middle row her name is Pauline Killian, teachers name Miss Wilkinson I believe.

Rating: Excellent

Andrew Cox

19 Nov 2021

Congratulations Mrs King. Holy Family School will, I am sure, continue to progress under your capable and supportive leadership.

Rating: Excellent

Marian Mulroy

21 Sep 2021

There from 1962-68, Mrs Prince, Mrs Curtis, Mrs Neschelski (sic), Miss O’Brien (Bryant?) for two years, Mrs Quigley and finally Mr Cassidy. Is the first picture this class at reception (ie 1962)? Black hair and ‘Dicky-bow’ looks like me 🙂

Rating: Excellent

Sean Heekin

11 Mar 2021

I was at Holy family during mid 60’s…not sure of dates, all teachers there were very nice, unfortunately I only remember miss. Quigley and Mr. Murray was headmaster. I also remember Mr. Devoti taught music, my spelling of his name could be wrong.

Rating: Excellent

Michael Furey

22 Feb 2021

I was a pupil here from 94-99. Lots of happy memories here. It would be brilliant to come back for a visit if that is possible. I vaguely remember a Mr Thorpe as the headteacher. I moved on to holy trinity after this.

Rating: Excellent

Shabaz Razi

17 Jan 2021

I was a pupil there from 1966 to 1972 before our family emigrated to Ireland i remember Mrs Quigley a lovley person also Mr OConner and Mr Twort It was a great school as i am sure it still is today would love to visit there sometime soon Keep up the good work.

Rating: Excellent

Tom Maguire

03 Nov 2020

My uncle was born in 1929 and mom was born in 1930 and they were taught by nuns, but none of the photos have nuns on them, I don’t know when the nuns stopped teaching at the school – does anyone know? Mom had her 10th birthday, two days before the BSA and school were bombed and so will shortly be celebrating her 90th birthday. Would love to find some ‘Old photos’ from the 1930’s if anyone has any?

Rating: Excellent

Glenys Wane

09 Sep 2020

I was there from 1967 to 1970. Teachers were Miss prince, Mrs K and Miss Prityard (Pritchard?)

Rating: Excellent

Edward Phelan

30 Aug 2020

I was there from 1952 to 1960. Can any of the old photos be dated?

Rating: Excellent

Richard Whitehouse

02 Jun 2020

Lovely website. Wishing all staff members old and new a very happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

Rating: Excellent

Neil Marsh

12 Dec 2019

I was a pupil there in 1966. My first teacher was Miss Prince. I also had Mrs Greaney Mr King and Mr Twort. Mr Murray was the principal.

Rating: Excellent


05 May 2018

I have only today known about this Facebook site through a fellow student at Holy Family. I was there from 1960- 1966. I remember fondly Mrs Curtis, Miss Pugh. My best friends were Johanna Quinn, Tina Martin, Rose and Teresa Connell, Linda O’Doherty, Janet Donohue? Anyone know of them these days. Sorry I missed the re-union last week end I didn’t know about it. It would be great to hear from any friends back then. Excellent site.

Rating: Excellent

Ann Marie O'Neill (now Barry)

26 Nov 2018

I love this school 1959-1964 I remember Mrs Pugh Mr Morsel Mrs Cutis.

Rating: Excellent

Zoya Adil

15 Oct 2018

I attended 1958-1964 I was Hillen then. I remember Mrs Pugh, Mr Mordrel, Mrs Curtis, both Miss Daleys (there were cousins) the taller Rose of Tralee I remember as very strict, loved to use the cane for the slightest misdemeanour. Mrs Quigley she was nice but strict and the head master Mr Crossly.

Rating: Excellent

Marian Whatmore

14 Oct 2018

I was a pupil at this school, i attended the nursery and finished yr 6 in 2006, my head teacher at the time was Mr Twort. I loved this school, it was amazing! So many memories.

Rating: Excellent

Aisha Hussain

07 Jan 2018

My first school in the 1960s up to the age of 11 yrs before moving to Ireland, i had a teacher called Miss Pugh.

Rating: Excellent

Seamus Malone

15 Nov 2017

Well done to all the pupils for singing in westminster great to get recognition and kindness to lift their spirits at such a tragic time looking out for the adults.

Rating: Excellent

Maureen Hayes

24 Mar 2017

I have read about how fantastic your students were when caught up in the terrifying events in London yesterday. Evidence of an excellent school and parents. What a credit to their community.

Rating: Excellent

Dame Kathryn August DBE

23 Mar 2017

My father-in-law, Kevin Feeney (age 84), has asked me to post this in the hope that someone can confirm if the school song is still sung. He left as school captain in 1946, having been bombed out from Holy Family to Oldknow Rd school, Head mistress was Ms Bircher. Girls captain was Agnes Thompson. He has remembered the song in its entirety, first line is ‘Our tradition is not hoary, in our history there’s no glory’. Can any one help. Regards.

Rating: Excellent

Mick Gilmore

14 Feb 2016

Could you show more,photos from the school’s past? I was a pupil there 1958-1963. Do you know if Miss Prince is still alive and how to contact her?

Rating: Excellent

John Leonard

30 Jan 2016

I would like to wish everyone at Holy Family School a merry Christmas and happy New Year. See you all in 2016. Best wishes from the Boon family.

Rating: Excellent

Mrs Boon

21 Dec 2015

This is a fantastic school and the new head teacher has held lots of enjoyable events. I through enjoy being here this is a great web to understand this school.

Rating: Excellent

Iqra Hussein

27 Jul 2015

Hello, I may be the boy who is playing the triangle shown in image 1. On completion of the 11plus my family immigrated to Australia in 1963. I remember Sean Cairns, Mark Bond and Joseph Clarke all being close friends. I recall Miss Shields, Miss Mongrew, (both left to go to Australia and I would like to know how they are) Mr Mondrell and Miss Foley. Excuse my spelling of names. If possible I would appreciate a copy of this photograph to be downloaded and sent to my email. Image 5, I remember making my first confession where the organist is playing and with our teacher Miss Foley. I was trained to be an altar boy in Latin after school and during our travel to Australia I served at Mass each day for Father Mac Gillicuddy who introduced us to his family in Sydney on our arrival. I remember being actively involved in the fundraising for the stained glass window installed in 1964 and fortunately in 1991 during the Christmas period was able to walk in and view this magnificent sight. I am a high school teacher.

Rating: Excellent

Peter Geoghegan

12 Apr 2015

Really enjoyed the chance to reminisce. I attended ‘Holy Fam’ 1970-1977 (going on to Holy Trinity 1977-1982). I loved every minute of my time here and remember all my teachers: Mrs Shackle, Miss Gallagher, Mrs Quigley, Miss Mangan, Miss Ramsel, Mrs Scanlon and then Miss Ramsel again in Junior 4. Mrs Curtis & Mr Devoti for Music, Mrs Griffin, Mrs Hannon and Mrs Fox the dinner ladies, Mr Murray the Headmaster, Mrs Jones nee Grogan the Deputy, Mrs Horton in the office on the top corridor. Mrs Morris nee Donoghue, Miss Dwyer and Mrs O’Donnell for netball. Remember Miss Wrigley, Mr Harvey, Mr King, Mr Twort (who I recall cut holes in his shoes?), Mr Skelton (who painted a mad 1970s mural on the back wall of the hall?) and Mrs Keane. Happy, happy times and still have my best friend!

Rating: Excellent

Susan Greally nee Fitzpatrick

12 Apr 2015

Love the old photos. I was there about 64 to 69. I don’t recognise any of the kids in the photos but another person mentioned some teacher’s names I recalled. I recognise the exact location of some of the pictures and I think I recognise Miss Prince in picture 1 outside the reception classroom. Innocent days… There is holy family Facebook page which has some good pictures on it. Enjoy.

Rating: Excellent

John Madden

05 Apr 2015

A great website for a great school i thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Great job.

Rating: Excellent

Zobia Quosar

02 Apr 2015

Surprised to find myself in image 7 and managed to recognise several people but have forgotten some of the names. Fond memories.

Rating: Excellent

Anthony (Tony) Duggan

23 Mar 2015

I love this site – its so usefull and helpfull.

Rating: Excellent

Douglas Cret

05 Feb 2015

I was very impressed, with a well organised web page for an outstanding establishment. I am happy with the input used by the staff and students at the school, who in my opinion; have made this possible. I pray this kind off performance continues at the organization. Well done ‘Holy Family’.

Rating: Excellent

Mr Muddasser Khan

27 Jan 2015

I recognise three of the lads in one of the photos (top row right) Same photo as Maurren Meehan refers to I believe. My brother Paul is back row 4th from left and on his right is Stephen Walsh and in the middle of back row immediately behind teacher is Noel Martin if I’m not mistaken.

Rating: Very Good

David Greenhalgh

04 Nov 2014

I started my teaching career 26 years ago at the Holy Family. I was a Miss McKenna then! I loved my time there all the pupils and staff were wonderful. Mr Twort was an inspirational principal. It is obvious that the school is thriving, deservedly so.

Rating: Excellent

Roisin Dwyer

07 Oct 2014

Lovely school. I just left 2 years ago now theres a new head – mrs. johnson welcome to holy family school.

Rating: Excellent

Aroosa Hussain

18 Sep 2014

Just wanted to let you know, much to my surprise I am in one of those old photo’s. It’s the group class, top right hand and I’m standing in the back row, first child on the left hand side. My name then was Maureen Meehan. Any information you can give me would be so appreciated, especially the name on the teacher. Thanking you.

Rating: Excellent

Maureen Hughes

27 Jul 2014

I absolutely recomend this amazing school to people i personaly love this school and due to this school and the co-operation of the teachers i came out with exeptionaly high levels and my sats results were outstanding. Ii had a great time here because i enjoyed studying thank to all the staff.

Rating: Excellent

Last Year Student 2013

01 Jun 2014

What a lovely website! Holy Family is the best school with the best education. I suggest this school to everyone.

Rating: Excellent

Shabana Zatoon

09 Apr 2014

This is a great website I enjoyed looking at it and bringing all my memories back. The school has changed so much since I left. I really miss it and I wish I could come back.

Rating: Excellent

Saba Aslam

09 Apr 2014

What a lovely website! User friendly and very comprehensive! As a former pupil (1955-1962) I especially enjoyed your archive photographs. I’d love to see more! They brought back really lovely memories of wonderful teachers such as Miss Foley, Mrs Curtis, Mrs Nzelski (?) and MIss Filan(?). I hope you get a chance to add more. Thank you.

Rating: Excellent

Mrs J O'Connor

02 Apr 2014

This is a great website i really enjoyed looking at it. The school has changed soo much it has baught back my memories i can never forget about this school. miss it to bits.

Rating: Excellent

Rimsha Kousar

16 Feb 2014

This is a great website, I enjoyed looking at it and bringing back my memories. All has changed now but gives a lot of information to read throughout! Excellent.

Rating: Excellent

Zaynah Zeb

06 Feb 2014

Wow love the new website. nice to see my son shahmats photo. overall really nice website.

Rating: Excellent

Shabina Hoque

15 Dec 2013

I really like this school. Speacily i really want to share this thing which i really like most, when i drop my son and when i goes to pick him up every day i see the headteacher with her smile face.

Rating: Excellent


13 Dec 2013

Wow! Year 2 children and staff all agree that the new website is brilliant! It is ‘out of the world!’.

Rating: Excellent

Miss Gallagher and Year 2

13 Dec 2013

This website was long waiting on and it is great in my eyes. Well informative of the activities, curriculum etc which is going on at the school. I do like the colour codes on each heading very lovely.

Rating: Excellent

Sharon Smith-Mchugo

12 Dec 2013

What a very pleasant surprise. I love it’s vibrant nature, and it’s easy access to information. I will definately use it.

Rating: Excellent

Pauline Bhaker

10 Dec 2013

Brilliant!! Love the old pictures. Great information for parents and children. Thank you.

Rating: Excellent

Trisha Harris

10 Dec 2013

Wow, fantastic. A great way to keep informed and access important information. Thank you.

Rating: Excellent

Vikki Flanagan

10 Dec 2013