Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Holy Family Catholic Primary School

This week has been UK Parliament Week across the UK and the children at Holy Family School have been taking part. We have learned about democracy and the importance of making decisions and fairness.

As part of our learning our wonderful School Council organised a ballot to vote for our whole school picture book to use for our writing project which will take place in January 2022. The choice was from the following authors and their amazing books exploring  important themes such as kindness, taking care of our world, friendship and making a difference:

  • The Invisible by Tom Percival
  • How to Mend a Friend by Karl Newson
  • Dear Earth by Isabel Otter
  • Bloom by Anne Bloom

The School Council were set the task to organise the ballot and promote this event. They counted the votes and recorded the results to share with the rest of our school community.

Throughout school this week have been many discussions about fairness and democracy. We learned that every vote is important and we have a free choice to choose and make our own decisions.

This year our whole school book has been chosen by all the children at Holy Family School through a fair and democratic process. Huge thanks to our School Council and Mrs Lloyd for organising this important event.

The winning book was announced on Twitter and it is The Invisible by Tom Percival. We are looking forward to using this fantastic book to support all our English work in January.