Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Last week, Year 3 learnt all about our class saint, Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

We learnt about her life, her vocation  and what made her so special for her to be canonised on the 5th September 2016. We took part in collective worship and used our artistic talents to create a collage of our saint using a range of shades and colouring techniques.

We are inspired so much by the touching words of St Teresa that we looked at the vast number of quotes that she shared with the world. Our Year 3 favourite is “Peace begins with a smile.”

On Friday, we celebrated her feast day by coming into school in our own clothes to commemorate the life of our beloved St Teresa of Calcutta. She will remain a focus for Year 3 throughout the year.

Year 3 children with their collages of St Teresa